WWE Live Event Results (11/9/14) – Leeds, England

Thanks to rajah.com reader James Webster for sending this in!

Hi I noticed you don’t have the results for the wwe live event held in leeds
I attended the event and the card went as follows.

The show opens with a quiet half empty Leeds direct arena we are welcomed to
the show with a pre recorded message from triple h with slight boo’s from the
crowd to which Eden introduces the first match.

Adam rose df Justin Gabriel
Gabriel worked the match as a heel.

NXT world championship
Adrian neville df sami zayn

Divas 6 woman tag
Emma, naomi and natayla df summer rae, Cameron and layla.
The crowd in the match chanted watch you’re wallet to Emma, yes a small
portion of the crowd heckled all night and cesaro gave them what for later.

Intercontinental championship

Dolph ziggler df cesaro
Good match spoiled by again the small portion of the crowd they were chanting
we the people so cesaro got on the mic and told them that was months ago come
up with something new and in the shock not so pg news in the match cesaro was
going for the swing only to drop dolphs legs turn to the small portion of the
crowd and flip them off.

Interval to which we see the network video by Vince and you can imagine how
that went down (thanks sky tv)

R-truth df fandango

Ryback then df fandango after fandango issued an open challenge good pop for

Main event 2 on 1 handicap match

Dean Ambrose df kane and bray wyatt

I was happy to see Ambrose and bray buuut they didn’t need kane in there it
was obvious they just threw the match together as the main event was supposed
to be randy Orton v roman reigns.

I enjoyed the event as I haven’t been for a long time a small portion of the
crowd ruined it for everyone else, the small portion of the crowd pissed off
Justin Gabriel who has said on his twitter he will never return to leeds they
pissed off cesaro who gave them the finger and insulted the ring announcer
but apart from that I loved it lol.

Biggest pop: Dean Ambrose

Best match: ziggler v cesaro