WWE Modifies The Spelling Of "Fandangoo", NBA Reporter Mocks Linda's Loss

– In light of former WWE CEO Linda McMahon’s loss tonight to Democratic Rep. Chris Murphy in Connecticut’s U.S. Senate race, David Aldridge, a sports reporter for Turner Sports (most notably, the NBA), took the opportunity to poke fun at her defeat with a wrestling reference.

He tweeted, “The Senate election in Connecticut is not over,” said state director of voting Earl Hebner. #Montreal.”

– As seen during Monday’s Raw broadcast, WWE aired a vignette teasing the debut of a new Superstar called “Fandangoo.” During tonight’s SuperSmackDown LIVE broadcast on Syfy, WWE aired a similar vignette, but with the spelling of the character’s name modified to “Fandango.” It is a term that originally described a style of folk and flamenco music and dance.

Here is the vignette, which also features a song different from the one used in the first video.

VIDEO – See Fandango’s ring entrance at WWE show ->