WWE News: Goldberg's WWE Status & More on the Seth Rollins/Triple H Match

  • An updated timeframe for Seth Rollins’ recovery is actually 6-8 weeks, putting the upper limit right in line with WrestleMania on April 2. Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio stated that his gut feeling is that WWE will continue with the idea that Triple H/Seth Rollins match for WrestleMania is still on because the dates almost coincide and because it’s the biggest PPV event of the year. However, the ultimate call will come from WWE physicians who must clear Rollins.

  • This might be obvious, but Seth Rollins’ planned match against Samoa Joe at Fast Lane next month is definitely not going to happen.
  • Bill Goldberg will battle Brock Lesnar for the Universal Title at WrestleMania and all signs point to Lesnar coming out on top with the title. Goldberg’s current deal with WWE runs only until WrestleMania but given the enormous success his return has been, it’s very much possible that his contract will be renewed.