WWE NXT Results (11/6): AJ Styles & The O.C. Invade Full Sail, Damian Priest vs Pete Dunne, More

November 6th, 2019

Tonight on WWE NXT WWE NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler will face off against New Zealand’s own Dakota Kai. Plus former WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne will get revenge on Damian Priest for his underhanded attack. Watch live on the USA Network at 8pm EDT. Leave your comments below or send them to @RossWBermanIV.

Mauro Ranallo breaks the news that The Undisputed Era has been beaten up by The Club backstage. AJ Styles, Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows enter the arena. Styles says The Club is “bringing the war” to NXT. Styles then says all the champions are hurt. He then says its not just phenomenal, its undisputed. Ciampa comes out.

Ciampa welcomes Styles, Gallows & Anderson to the “main roster.” Ciampa says NXT is “the show” and “Daddy’s home.” Styles says they could take out Ciampa, so Keith Lee & Matt Riddle join Ciampa on the entry ramp. Ciampa says they’re going to war with The Club. Styles says “You’re on.”

First Match: Pete Dunne vs. Damian Priest

Both men counter each other’s finishers to start. They duck each other’s kicks and punches. They stare each other down as we head to commercial.

Priest dominates Dunne during the commercial. When the come back from the commercial, Priest maintains his dominance. Priest keeps Dunne grounded with stiff strikes. Dunne fights back with a Kimura Lock. Dunne hits X-Plex. Dunne chops away on Priest’s chest. Dunne flips off the turnbuckle and hits an enzuigiri. Dunne hits a dropkick to the knee. Dunne counters a German Suplex. Dunne hits a huge kick. Priest retreats from the ring. Dunne hits a Triangle Moonsault.

Priest fights off Dunne. Dunne backflips off the steel steps. Priest chokeslams Dunne on the apron. Priest climbs the top rope. Dunne counters with a big punch. Dunne hits a Liger Bomb for a nearfall. Dunne stamps on both of Priest’s hands. Priest fights back with a bell clap and a head kick. Dunne retreats from the ring. Priest does a step up Tope Con Hiro. Both men are down on the outside, as we head to commercial.

Back from commercial and both guys are swinging for the fences. Each guy lands a stiff punch and they both collapse. Dunne hits a headbutt. Priest hits a lariat. Dunne counters South of Heaven. Dunne gets on the top rope. Priest recovers and hits a Splash Mountain Powerbomb for a nearfall.

Dunne fights back and stretches Priest’s fingers. Dunne hits a low blow. Dunne breaks Priest’s fingers and locks in an armbar for the submission.

WINNER: Pete Dunne

After the match, Killian Dane attacked Pete Dunne. Priest starts attacking Dunne, but Dane headbutts Priest out of the ring. Dane hits a Vader Bomb on Dunne. Dane then attacks Priest on the outside. Dane sends Priest into the steel steps. Dane hits a cannonball on Priest. Dane leaves the arena.

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