WWE Provides Storyline Update on Roman Reigns Nearly Being Crushed

WWE has provided a storyline updated on an incident in the closing moments of this week’s Smackdown Live, when Roman Reigns was came literal inches from being crushed by a wall of falling production equipment.

Apparently the cause of the “accident” was an errant forklift left backstage carrying lighting grids that “were not properly secured”. WWE is still pushing that they do not know who was operating the forklift.

As reported first by the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Roman Reigns is currently scheduled to face Daniel Bryan at the upcoming SummerSlam pay-per-view, despite recent rumbles with Samoa Joe on both Raw and Smackdown over the past few weeks.

In the final moments of this week’s SmackDown LIVE, Roman Reigns was intending to make a SummerSlam challenge from the backstage area, but The Big Dog just barely evaded sheer catastrophe when tons of steel beams came plummeting toward him.

A preliminary investigation has found the incident Tuesday night involving Roman Reigns was caused by a forklift backstage carrying lighting grids that were not properly secured. It has now been determined that the incident in question was specifically caused by a forklift driver error. At this point, the identity of the forklift driver has not been determined.

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