WWE Raw House Show Results from Rome, Italy 11/7/08

I’m Alex22 from Rome:
Here it is the Raw Houseshow in Milan,Italy.
Tomorrow i’ll send you the one in Rome.

Palasharp is full at the 70%-75%.

Kofi Kingston beat Cody Rhodes by Buzzsaw Kick in an average match.

Mike Knox beat D’Lo Brown in a squash match.

Haas Hogan (Charlie Haas dressed up as Hogan) beat Snitsky by a Legdrop of Doom.
Everyone cheering for “Hogan” during the match.

Mickie James & Kelly Kelly beat Layla & Beth Phoenix (Special Referee: Candice
Michelle).Mickie James got the pin after a Sunset Flip.

Manu beat Jamie Noble following a Running Samoan Drop. enjoyable match.

Rey Mystero beat Kane in a No DQ Match after a lot of chair shot and a 619. During
the match audience cheering for Kane, who gabbed the microphone and said he don’t
want the support of anyone but , if he need it, he would have asked for. the best
one of the night. rey owned all the match long but in the end.


Tommy Dreamer beat Chavo Guerrero following a Dreamer DDT

Time for the intercontinental title. Standing ovation for Santino and her
“girlfriend” Beth Phoenix. Fans asks for a kiss, Santino instead speaking italian,
says he is going to dedicate this match to us.
Santino beat William Regal thanks to Beth.

Batista vs. Chris Jericho (World Heavyweight Championship).Batista wins for DQ due
to Randy Orton. CM Punk too step into the ring,to defend Batista.And the match
starts again.
Batista & CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho & Randy Orton.

Batista & CM Punk beat Chris Jericho & Randy Orton after Batista pinned Jericho
thanks to a Batista Bomb. Seconds before,GTS on Orton. Lo show ended up with a
celebration postmatch of the faces.

Riccardo Frea of www.fullwrestling.com sent in the following:

Rome, Palalottomatica (11/07)

– Kofi Kingston d. Cody Rhodes;

– Manu d. D-Lo Brown;

– Haas Hogan (Charlie Haas) d. Snitsky;

– Mike Knox d. Jamie Noble;

– Candice Michelle & Mickie James d. Beth Phoenix & Layla, special referee: Kelly Kelly;

– Rey Mysterio d. Kane in a No DQ match.

– Tommy Dreamer d. Chavo Guerrero;

– Santino Marella d. William Regal;

– Batista vs. Chris Jericho: No Contest

– Batista & CM Punk d. Chris Jericho & Randy Orton