WWE Raw Preview, Oct. 2, 2017: Reigns vs. The Miz for IC Title

One week after The Miz and The Miztourage assaulted Roman Reigns with a barrage of steel chair strikes, The Big Dog challenges The A-Lister for his Intercontinental Championship, live on Raw. Can Reigns capture the workhorse title and silence Miz in the process? Also on Raw, Seth Rollins squares off with the hulking Braun Strowman.
Roman Reigns battles The Miz for The Intercontinental Championship:
Roman Reigns earned a non-title victory over Intercontinental Champion The Miz last Monday night. However, thanks to a post-match steel chair assault by The A-Lister’s Miztourage — complete with a disrespectful “tribute” to The Shield — The Big Dog hardly looked like a victor when all was said and done.

One week after that sadistic attack, Reigns will battle The Miz for his title, and The Miztourage will undoubtedly be lurking at ringside. Can Reigns capture his first Intercontinental Championship to become a Grand Slam Champion, or will Miz continue to boast about his own crew’s supremacy over the disbanded Hounds of Justice?
The Kingslayer Aims to Conquer The Monster Among Men:
Despite Braun Strowman’s complete and total destruction of Curt Hawkins this past Monday night, Dean Ambrose willingly went up against The Monster Among Men, and despite getting in some good offense, The Lunatic Fringe suffered a painful defeat at the hands of the nigh-unstoppable juggernaut.
When Ambrose’s fellow Raw Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins criticized his partner’s “self-destructive” behavior, Ambrose countered that perhaps The Architect could benefit from being a little less predictable. Rollins then did something that no sensible person could have predicted: He demanded a match against Strowman this coming Monday night on Raw.

Will Rollins come to regret taking Ambrose’s critique to heart, or can he earn a huge victory over one of the most powerful Superstars in WWE history?
How will Alexa Bliss Respond to Mickie James’ Attack?
Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss had no issue calling Mickie James “an old lady” this past Monday night, but after suffering two slaps and a high-heeled kick to the face from the six-time Women’s Champion, Little Miss Bliss might have learned a painful lesson in respect. Then again, we also doubt that she’s apologetic about what she said.

“The Goddess of WWE” is undoubtedly regretting bringing Mickie back to WWE earlier this year. What will she have to say about the veteran Superstar on Raw? 
When will Neville Strike Again?
By attacking new WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore on Raw — an act that prompted the entire Cruiserweight division and even Braun Strowman to get a piece of the dazed Certified G — Neville forfeited any chance he might have had of regaining the crown he lost to Amore at WWE No Mercy. Startlingly, though, The King of the Cruiserweights doesn’t seem to care, so long as he’s making the brazen new titleholder’s life miserable at every turn.
After Neville defeated Ariya Daivari on 205 Live, the hobbled Amore brutalized the newly former champion with his crutch. How will Neville repay “Muscles Marinara”?
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Source: WWE.com

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