WWE Raw Results (12/16)

DECEMBER 16, 2019

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BURRRRN IT DOWWWWN! Seth comes to the ring and he says that he wants to introduce everyone to the first two men that want to live on the right side of history…AKAM & REZAR. Seth says that he is the future and everyone has been saying so. This year he did the impossible and beat the Beast not once but twice. EVERYBODY was saying it. The critics, ownership….everyone.

Then suddenly…the mood changed and people started to question his leadership as if he has done something wrong. But he says that being a leader isn’t about being cool or making popular decisions. It’s about making decisions for the sake of progress. He says what happened to Kevin Owens was a tragedy but he did it to himself. Kevin resisted and he became an example. He is always honest with the WWE Universe, and that is not going to change. So here is some truth, and this might be hard for some to accept: he is a leader and a visionary. He is going to be the man that leads the brand and this industry into the next decade and beyond.

He says that he will impose his will, and if they resist, the AOP will ENFORCE his will. That said, he is going to make a decision tonight about settling a score and the people aren’t going to like it. So in advance…for what he has to do tonight, he’s sorry.


Karl Anderson has a mic in hand and he says that The Viking Raiders are one of the most unstoppable forces that the WWE has seen in decades. But the only team that has a victory over them is THE OC. Gallows says that they might be the tag team champions, but THEY’re the best tag team in the world.

Gallows starts the match with Ivar and Gallows hits a boot to Ivar, then drives him back with an uppercut. He tags in Karl Anderson and Ivar slams Anderson back into his corner and then beats up on him before tagging Eric. Eric hits a hard right hand to the jaw of Anderson before picking him up and holding him in a stalling vertical suplex! Eric goes for the cover but Anderson kicks out. Anderson tags in Gallows and Eric quickly hits Gallows with a BIG right hand, sending him to the outside. He charges up for a suicide dive and gets nailed with a right hand.

Back in the ring, Gallows puts Ivar in a sleeper, but he quickly fights out. Gallows tags in Anderson and he puts a neck breaker onto Ivar. Gallows & Anderson look to double team Ivar now, but he does a handspring off the ropes and nails elbows to both member of the OC! The OC rolls out of the ring and The Viking Raiders go running off the ropes and nail both members of the OC with suicide dives!

Back in the ring, Eric nails Anderson with a vicious knee before dropkicking Gallows into the corner. Eric picks up Ivar and drops him into the corner then goes for the cover and Gallows gets his shoulder up. Gallows tags in Anderson, who charges in with an uppercut, which rocks Eric but knocks him into Ivar, who tags in. Ivar gets on the middle rope and then he gets to the top rope. He tries for a moonsault and Gallows pulls Anderson out of the way. Anderson gets up and knocks Eric off the apron then both men pick up Ivar and nail him with the MagiKiller to pick up the victory!

Winners: THE OC

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