WWE Raw Results 7/24

WWE Raw is live tonight from the Verizon Center at Washington D.C. 
Raw opens up with Kurt Angle explaining the private matter he’d been tackling the past few months, the announcement that WWE Superstar Jason Jordan is his son and will be joining the Raw roster. Angle announces Jordan will have his first match on Raw later in the show.
Angle then addresses Braun Strowman interfering in the match last week between Roman Reigns and Samoa Joe. Just as Angle was going to announce WWE Universal Champ Brock Lesnar’s opponent at SummerSlam, the roar of Braun Strowman erupts and he interrupts Angle in the ring.

Strowman says, “the next words out of your mouth should be Braun Strowman, or else.” Strowman adds that, unlike Reigns and Joe, he won his Great Balls Of Fire match and that The Monster Among Men doesn’t fear Lesnar.
Samoa Joe then butts in from backstage. Joe tells Strowman he’s fortunate they haven’t crossed paths so far. Joe says he wants to introduce himself as the man who tamed The Beast, the man who was seconds from putting Lesnar to sleep at Great Balls Of Fire and all Strowman accomplished last week was preventing Roman Reigns from losing to Joe a third straight time last week. Joe demands another shot at The Beast and says let Strowman and Reigns sort out their unresolved issues.
The Roman Empire emerges from backstage next. Romans receives more boos than cheers as he enters the ring. Roman tells Joe it’s funny how he’s talked about what he’s almost done and that he hasn’t accomplished anything. He tells Strowman he’s been here as a hiccup. Reigns then runs down that he’s a past tag champ, WWE champ, Royal Rumble winner, three-time WrestleMania main eventer and the man who retired Undertaker.
Angle prevents them from brawling each other, and says he’s changed his mind. He then sets a Fatal 4-Way match at SummerSlam between Lesnar, Joe, Strowman and Reigns.

Joe says he wants Lesnar one-on-one as he tells Angle it’s not over. Strowman says he doesn’t care what the odds are, all he cares about is piling bodies. Reigns tells Strowman to shut up and punches him in the face with a microphone. Joe and Reigns then team up to dump Strowman over the barricade into the crowd. Reigns and Joe trade strikes until Strowman gets back in the ring and whips Joe and Reigns into opposite corners.
Angle calls for security to clear the ring, but Strowman attacks all of the security and tosses them out of the ring. Joe tries to lock Strowman in the Coquina Clutch as Angle calls for the entire WWE locker room out to separate them. With several superstars holding Strowman, Reigns spears The Monster Among Men. Reigns clears the ring, only to have Strowman hoist him over his shoulder and plant him with a Powerslam as we go to break. 

Returning from the break, Elias Samson is in the ring on a stool with a new guitar. He says he hurt his other baby last week and he brought a new one for tonight’s performance, dedicating his song to Finn Balor, who was bashed over the head with a guitar by Samson last week.

Samson sings “last week Finn Balor earned a walk with me. Wound up beaten and depressed just like everyone here in D.C. But tonight Finn is going to learn what it’s like to face me.”
Elias Samson vs Finn Balor
Mercifully, Balor interrupts Samson’s terrible ballad. Michael Cole announces tonight’s match is a no-disqualification match. Balor, sporting Kinesio tape on his shoulder, immediately pounces on Samson, hammering him with fists and throwing him out of the ring. He shoves Samson back in the ring, but The Drifter slides out again. Balor then stalks him around the ring and nails him with a double dropkick into the ring barricade as we cut to commercial.
Balor is bashing Samson’s head into the barricade as we return from break. Samson fights back after whiffing on a clothesline attempt to finally ground Balor with a vicious clothesline. Samson then lands crushing blows to Balor’s injured shoulder, punching and stomping on the taped up injury. The Drifter then cranks on Balor’s arm back in the ring before hitting a snapmare takedown and a knee drop to the shoulder.
Samson continues the assault by ramming the shoulder into the ring post. He leaves ringside to get a steel chair to bring into the ring with Finn. Balor kicks the chair out his grasp. Samson tries to sunset flip Balor off the ropes, but Balor pops up and double boots him in the face. Samson follows with a kick to the chest, a knee to the back and a shoulder lock on the injured shoulder.
Balor rallies with three running forearms to the face and missile dropkick before stomping on Samson while he’s down in the corner. Balor slips out of the ring to retrieve the chair, but Samson kicks Balor in the gut. Balor drops the chair. Samson picks it up and chair shots Balor’s back as we go to break.
Samson kicks Balor out of the ring as we return before ramming his shoulder into the barricade. The Drifter then nails a shoulderbreaker, but Balor kicks out.
Samson sets up the steel chair between the second and third ropes in a corner. Balor reverses him and whips Samson head-first into the chair. After trading strikes, Balor drops Samson with an overhead kick.
Balor slips out of the ring, pulls Samson’s legs out from under him on the ring apron and traps Samson between the ring and the ring apron. Balor then hits a series of rapid fire kicks and stomps with Samson trapped. Balor then double boots him back-first into the barricade out of the ring.
Samson rolls back in the ring, but Balor gets a steel chair. He clubs Samson three times to the back with the chair and double dropkicks him into a turnbuckle. Samson drops to the mat and Finn goes to the top rope. Balor nails the Coup De Grace.
But Bray Wyatt’s creepy graphics show up on the screen. Wyatt then comes from out of nowhere to hit Balor with a Sister Abigail. Wyatt then stares at Balor upside down from a corner as Samson crawls over Balor for the three count.
Winner: Elias Samson With Help From Bray Wyatt
After the match, Wyatt upside-down crabwalk over to Balor and whispers words over his prone body before posing over him.
Emma Makes A Power Play
Before Jason Jordan makes his debut match later on Raw, Emma interrupts an interview between Kurt Angle and Renee Young about the revelation that Jordan is Angle’s son. Emma says she’s happy Angle has his family situation sorted, but asks when the spotlight will shine on her. She says started the women’s revolution, but now has to sit backstage as talents such as Sasha Banks get opportunities. She wonders what she has to do to get an opportunity. The she says she knows what to do – start dating Angle’s son.
Angle reacts by setting a match later tonight for Emma – against Nia Jax.
Before we go to break, Enzo Amore is backstage, preparing for a match against Big Cass, as Big Show counsels him.
Enzo Amore vs Big Cass
Enzo makes his way to the ring as we return. Smacktalk Skywalker goes to work on the mic as always. He says the things that drive the Little Engine that Could, like passion, drive Big Cass crazy. Enzo says the key to his passion is the fans in the WWE Universe. Enzo says Cass has lost the keys to success and his tank is running on empty. Enzo says Cass is like the Drake song “Finish Line’ and he can’t wait to run into him.
Cass comes out, the bell rings and Enzo tries to kick out one of Cass’ knees. Enzo goes for a dropkick, but the towering former tag team partner swats him out of the air before hammering him on the back. Cass tries to pick Enzo up for a powerslam, but Enzo locks in a sleeperhold. Cass rams him back-first into a turnbuckle and then drops repeated elbows on Enzo while he’s down on the mat. He follows with a big boot to Enzo’s ribs before stepping on his neck in the corner. Fans repeatedly chant “Cass****!”
Enzo fights his way off the mat by punching Cass in the midsection, but an enraged Cass ragdolls Enzo by the neck and stomps on him in the corner. Cass then nails the Brooklyn Boot on Enzo to end yet another squash match between the former best friends.
Winner: Big Cass
Big Cass Lays Waste To Big Show
After the match, Cass picks up Enzo by the head, slaps Enzo and puts his boot on Amore’s neck again. Big Show comes out from backstage as Cass picks up Enzo to use him as a human shield. He says he’s going to torque Enzo’s neck if Show gets any closer. Cass then throws Enzo at Show and then nails Show with a Brooklyn Boot before coming off the ropes for three Empire Elbows. Show shoves Cass’ head away, but Cass Brooklyn Boots Show to the mat again and then lands a few more Empire Elbows. Cass then starts stomping on Show. Cass winds up and soccer style kicks Show in the rib as he taunts him. Cass then stomps on him in a corner before putting his boot on Show’s neck. With the ref attending to show, Cass raises his hand and taunts the crowd. 
Raw Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss Calls Sasha Banks, Bayley “Team Gag Reflex” 
Renee Young asks Bliss backstage if she cares who wins the No. 1 contender match on Raw, and she says the only winner tonight will be Alexa Bliss. She says she looking forward to seeing the best friends pound on each other. She says “Team Gag Reflex will explode.” She says Banks’ ego won’t allow her to miss the biggest party of the summer at SummerSlam, and worries that Bayley will go home, gorge on Oreos and pout if she loses. She says neither of them win tonight. They will tear each other apart for the right to lose to the champ at SummerSlam. 
Emma vs Nia Jax
Emma opens up with an elbow to Jax’s face, but Nia throws her to the mat. Emma then dropkicks Nia’s knees and tries to kick her again, but Jax runs her over like a train, ragdolls her into a corner and splashes her before dropping an elbow.
Jax then bounds off the ropes for a running Senton Bomb to plant Emma into the mat for the 1-2-3. Jax makes quick work of Emma.
Winner: Nia Jax
Backstage, Akira Tozawa’s shoulder is taped during an interview segment as they set up his rematch against Ariya Daivari. Footage of Titus O’Neil throwing in the towel to end the match against Daivari last week on Raw. Tozawa, severely limited with his arm injury, manages to beat Daivari on 205 Live last week, and he says that’s why he wants a match with Daivari again.
Titus comes out and says he talked to Kurt Angle and the trainers and had the match canceled because his shoulder is a liability. Tozawa tells O’Neil to stay backstage because he’s going out to the ring now for his match. They continue bickering as Tozawa comes down the ramp.
Ariya Daivari Ambushes Akira Tozawa and Cruiserweight Champ Neville
I the ring, Tozawa slaps O’Neil away from him as we go to commercial. Tozawa demands for Daivari to come out right now and face him like a man as he chants “Ah!”
The King of the Cruiserweights Neville comes out and takes credit for injuring Tozawa shoulders and shattering his confidence. The Cruiserweight Champion says he tried to warn Tozawa but he trusted the false promises of Titus O’Neil. What did it get him? Neville says Tozawa is a joke, becoming nothing more than a shell of himself.
Tozawa goes on the attack, kicking Neville into a corner before hitting a top-rope Senton Bomb. Daivari comes out and mugs both Tozawa and Neville, laying them both out.
Bayley and Sasha Banks Talk Backstage
Banks and Bayley joke that Bliss is a troll and just having a match against each other won’t destroy their friendship. Banks then says she can’t wait to get her hands on Bliss and become a 4-time champion at SummerSlam. Bayley tells her that she should focus on tonight’s match. The Hugger says she wants to become Raw Women’s Champ at SummerSlam just as much as The Boss. Banks says she’s ready. Bayley says let the best woman win, and Banks nods confidently and says the best woman will win before they go to commercials.
Jason Jordan Comments On Being Angle’s Son
Jordan admits to having some butterflies ahead of his first match on Raw, but says that Angle is his hero and finding out his hero was his dad was beyond his wildest dreams.
Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose Have A Meeting Of The Minds
Rollins says they need to have a plan. Ambrose says he’s going to go out there and do what he does best. Rollins says what? Getting beat by The Miz again? That doesn’t sound like a great idea. He says they both have three guys to worry about. Ambrose says Rollins that the Kingslayer may have 3 guys to worry about but The Lunatic Fringe has 4 to worry about.
Raw Women’s No. 1 Contender Match
Bayley vs Sasha Banks
The Hugger makes her ring entrance right before we go to break. After The Boss comes out, the Raw Women’s Champ Alexa Bliss comes out to the announce table.
Banks gets the early upperhand, but Bayley leg sweeps her and rolls her up. Banks kicks out. The Boss then rolls up Bayley, who kicks out. Banks whiffs on a kick, falls to the mat and Bayley goes for a pin, but Banks kicks out. Bayley rolls up The Boss, who kicks out again. Bayley then continues the attack with a corner clothesline. Banks counters with a kick off the ropes, but Bayley sends Banks cartwheeling with a back bodydrop. Banks kicks out at two.
The Boss gets a shot in on Bayley’s back as she tosses her out of the ring ahead of the break.
Banks twists Bayley in a pretzel with her forearms crisscrossed around her neck before she whips Bayley into the corner as we get back from break. Bayley bounces Sasha face-first off a turnbuckle before hitting running bulldog, and Banks kicks out.
The Boss retaliates with double knees to the back into the Bank Statement. Bayley goes for a rope break, but Banks rolls her back into the middle of the ring and keeps the hold. Bayley fights her way out of it, whiffs on a Bayley to Belly and Banks slaps Bayley.
Banks then start throwing hands in the middle of the ring before Bayley gets a face full of turnbuckle and double knees to the back.  Banks misses a top-rope double knees and Bayley hits a running knee. Banks counters with a Shining Wizard kick to Bayley’s face.
Both women struggle to get to their feet off the mat as the ref counts to 9. The best friends trade forearms and elbows before Bayley clobbers her with a big elbow to the chin. Banks goes to the ring apron and clobbers The Hugger with another kick to the face which drops her.
Banks climbs to the top rope, but Bayley clubs her with a right hand. Bayley loads up for a superplex, but Sasha fights her off and throws her face-first off the top rope and hits a splash. Banks goes for a pinning predicament, but Bayley slips free.
Bayley reverses Banks by rolling over her and gets a quick three count to beat The Boss.
Winner: Bayley To Face Alexa Bliss For Raw Women’s Title At SummerSlam
Following the match, both The Boss and The Hugger are spent on the mat. Banks rolls out of the ring as Bliss goes to the ring and holds her title belt high. She taunts Bayley as the former champ tries to recover from her showdown with Banks.
Curt Hawkins Trashes Jason Jordan
In an interview with Renee Young backstage, Hawkins says he’s sick of hearing about Jason Jordan and he vows to ruin his Raw debut by smashing him in the face. He says, by tomorrow, everyone will be talking about Curt Hawkins.
Jason Jordan vs Curt Hawkins
This had squash match written all over it since Hawkins has yet to win a single singles match since his return to the WWE and Jordan didn’t disappoint. Jordan hit a number of crossfaces, a spear and a belly-to-back neckbreaker for the quick three count as the camera panned to a proud Kurt Angle backstage.
Winner: Jason Jordan
The Revival vs Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson
Charley Caruso interviews Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson as the enter the ring, but Dawson immediately dismisses Caruso and says The Revival can handle their own interview because they know every question Caruso will ask. Wilder says The Revival dominated NXT and are the future of the WWE tag team picture. Dawson says they were responsible for sending New Day scurrying to SmackDown, making the Hardy Boyz irrelevant and scaring Enzo Amore and Big Cass into breaking up.
Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson remind The Revival they beat up New Day and Hardy Boyz first and were “baldski” first. Gallows says all he sees when he sees The Revival is a couple of “nerds!”
Dawson and Anderson open up, and Dawson works him in to The Revival corner as Dash tags, gets a few punches in and tags Dawson. Dawson lights up Anderson with a few chops and punches before Anderson reverses him and hits a big elbow tackle off the ropes. Anderson then tags Gallows, who glares at Dawson.
With the ref’s back turned, Dawson launches Anderson off the ring apron. Then when Wilder creates a distraction, Dawson goons Gallows from behind. The Club rebound and Gallows and Anderson send us to break by clotheslining Dash and Dawson out of the ring.
As we return, Gallows hits a boot, a big splash and another big boot on Dawson. Anderson tags in to go for the Boot of Doom, but Wilder knees Anderson when he tries to bounce off the ropes.
The Hardy Boyz come out from backstage to the middle of the ring. With The Club distracted, Wilder and Dawson surprised Anderson for the Shatter Machine to get the victory.
The Hardy Boyz return the favor of last week when The Revival attacked them post match and hit Twist of Fate on Wilder before The Revival retreat back up the ramp.
Winner: The Revival
Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins vs Intercontinental Champ The Miz & The Miztourage with Maryse
Miz tags out to Curtis Axel before Dean Ambrose can touch him. The Lunatic Fringe unloads a series of chops and clotheslines on Axel. Rollins then tags himself in from behind of Ambrose. The Kingslayer body slams Axel and hits a running knee drop.
Dallas tags in and they try to double team Rollins, but he throws Axel out of the ring and drops Dallas with a high hip toss followed by a snapmare. Dallas hits a running forearm on Rollins to drop him to the mat and tags The Miz, who knees Rollins repeatedly in the spine.
Miz then locks in a side headlock before Rollins kicks out of it and bounds off the ropes for a Slingblade. Ambrose tags, Miz runs away from him, both in and out of the ring before Axel tags. Rollins tags and the former Shield members clear the ring as we go to break.
Rollins is getting worked by the heels as we return. Miz tags in after Dallas grounds The Architect. Miz distracts the ref and Dallas cheapshots Rollins with a kick from the ring apron.
Miz then stomps on Rollins’ back in the middle of the ring, preventing him from tagging Ambrose. Miz fires a big knee into the gut before hitting a backbreaker-neckbreaker combo for the pinning predicament, but Rollins kicks out.
Axel tags and drives knees and elbow to Rollins’s back, neck and chest along the ropes. He locks in an arm bar to keep Rollins away from his corner. Rollins works himself to an arm’s length away, but Axel hits a big knee and then a dropkick off the ropes to ground the Kingslayer again.
Dallas tags and drives a series of knees into Rollins chest and then puts his knee across Rollins’ throat as and tries to pull his arm out of socket as Miz tags. Rollins looks to escape the heel corner by landing a right hand on all three, but Miz recovers to plant him face-first in the mat with a DDT.
Miz then starts the Daniel Bryan-style kicks to Rollins’ chest. The Kingslayer escapes his grasp and rolls him out, but Miz kicks out. Both men then clothesline each other to the mat. Miz tags Axel, but Rollins plants him with an Enziguiri Kick and tags Ambrose as Dallas tags.
Ambrose hits a number of running forearms before hitting Dallas with a running bulldog. Amborse launches himself out of the ring to take out Axel, bounces Miz off the barricade and nails Dallas back in the ring with a clothesline. Ambrose then hits a top rope elbow, but Miz breaks up the pinning attempt.
Dallas tags Axel and they try to double team, but Ambrose throws Dallas into a back bodydrop. Miz tags the back of Axel before he’s thrown out of the ring and sneaks up on Ambrose and hits Skullcrushing Finale, but Rollins leaps in for the save.
Both Rollins and Ambrose then hit suicide dives on Axel and Dallas out of the ring while The Miz slinks back in the ring. Miz tries to roll up Ambrose, but Rollins gets the save again with a running knee before Ambrose hits Dirty Deeds as the former Shield mates win the handicap match. Rollins put his fist out for the trademark Shield fist pound, but Ambrose leaves him hanging and walks off.
Winners: Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins Take Handicap Match

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