WWE RAW Results: September 28th, 2015

This week’s episode of WWE RAW takes place from Buffalo, New York. Here are the results, courtesy of Andrew Ravens:

– RAW opens with a recap of last week’s show. John Cena walks down to the ring to open the show. He said that his championship will be defended tonight. Cena said that he is the man to beat and his U.S Open Challenge begins right now. The New Day walks down to the ring. Big E said that they are here to make WWE great again. Big E said that this Saturday they will get rid of The Dudley Boyz, but tonight, they are here to answer the U.S Open Challenge. They sang that they will be new U.S Champs.. Cena shut them down and said to choose one and get in the ring right now. Cena told them to be serious or he’ll be all of their asses.

United States Championship Match: John Cena vs. Xavier Woods.

Cena started the match with a clothesline that sent Woods retreating to the floor to regroup. Woods claimed he wasn’t ready. Back in the ring, Woods walked into a side slam by Cena. This led to Kofi Kingston attempting to trip Cena, but Cena called him out on it. The referee sent Big E and Kingston to the back.

The action continues from break as Woods connected with a kick to the face of Cena. Woods ran to the top rope, but Cena met him there with a right hand. Cena went for an AA from the middle rope, but Woods jumped down. Cena went for a crossbody, but missed. Woods with a DDT for 2. Woods went for a monkey flip, but caught and Cena nailed a powerbomb for 2. Cena went for the AA, but blocked and kicked in the gut by Woods. This leads to Woods hitting a reverse DDT for 2. Woods went for a dive, but caught by Cena and sent him face first into the mat for 2. Cena picked up Woods then went for the AA, but blocked and Woods hit a big boot for 2. Woods is starting to panic. Cena with a rollup for 2. Woods hit a face plant off the rope for 2. Woods went to the top rope, he missed a drop kick and Cena connected with a clothesline then followed up with the STF. New Day ran down to the ring to break it up.

Winner: Cena via DQ.

After the match, The Dudley Boyz run down to attack New Day and a brawl breaks out.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: New Day vs. John Cena and The Dudley Boyz

Back from break in mid-match action. Cena and The Dudleys are in control of Kingston. Kingston managed to get the tag to Big E as Cena followed him. Big E with a shoulder tackle and then The New Day got heat from beating down Cena. Moments later, Cena managed to get the hot tag to Devon. He cleared the ring and landed a series of right hands to Kingston. Devon hit a neck breaker from the middle rope to Kingston. Big E speared Cena off the apron. This distracted Devon, Kingston went for a springboard move but ate a clothesline for his troubles. Bubba tagged in; he hit the Bubba Bomb for 2. Woods broke it up; Devon sent him to the floor. Bubba with a power slam then they followed up with the Whatz Up. They went for the 3-D, but Woods pulled him out of the ring. Kingston hit Trouble in Paradise on a distracted Devon for the win.

Winners: New Day.

Stephanie McMahon, Triple H, and Kane are seen talking with WWE’s HR person. Stephanie said someone has made a claim that Kane is making the work environment in WWE unsafe. Seth Rollins walked up and was shocked that someone would make a claim as such as this.

Dean Ambrose is trying to talk Roman Reigns out of his match with Bray Wyatt later tonight. Ambrose offered his help, but Reigns said that he’s sure that Randy Orton will help him out. This leads to Randy Orton appearing. Ambrose told him that he doesn’t want any outsiders helping them out. Reigns told them to be smart and that they need to work as a team.

Singles Match: Big Show vs. Mark Henry.

Big Show hit a shoulder block then a power slam. Henry sold like he was shot each time Show did something to him. Show landed the KO punch for the win.

Winner: Big Show.

The Miz is in the ring for Miz TV. There is a recap video package shown of Paige’s heel turn. Miz introduces Becky Lynch and Charlotte. Miz was so happy for them to be back on the show. Lynch called him a jackass for the way he acted the last time they were on the show. Charlotte addressed Paige by saying that Paige needs to walk down to the ring and talk it out, or she wants Paige to walk down here and fight.

Miz said that this is his show so they can’t just call out people on his show. Lynch grabbed his microphone and tossed to the floor. This leads to Team Bella interrupting and walking out on stage. Nikki said that she wanted to thank them for acting like high school girls. She said that Team Bella is stronger than ever. Nikki said that she’s glad that all of this is happening because it’s distracting Charlotte, and she will regain her title because of it.

Charlotte walked her into the ring and threatened to tap her out again. Nikki said that Paige said a lot of true things. Nikki said that Paige was wrong when she stated that she started a Divas Revolution. Nikki said that she started the revolution, not Paige. Charlotte said that it is not about anyone starting a revolution, but it’s about all the fans believing in them and the Divas. Alicia Fox said that three is better than two.

Lynch threatened to kick her ass. Paige walks out; she said that she did, and if it weren’t for her, both Charlotte and Lynch would not be on TV. Paige shot on Nikki and Brie for who they dated. This leads to a brawl with Charlotte, Lynch, and Paige standing tall with the Bellas retreating to the floor.

Six-Diva Tag Team Match: Team Bella vs. Team P.C.B.

The match is in progress as we come back from break. Brie tossed Lynch into the corner and landed a series of kicks. Brie will a bulldog out of the corner and then locked in a chin lock. Nikki was tagged in and hit a dropkick to Lynch. This led to Lynch fighting out with a clothesline and tagged in Charlotte, who landed a series of chops to Nikki. Charlotte with a neck breaker followed by a big boot for a near fall. Team Bella broke it up; a brawl broke out. Charlotte went for the figure four, but Nikki kicked Charlotte into Paige. This mad Paige upset, so she walked to the back. Natalya walks out to confront Paige. Natalya got on the apron, and Paige dragged her off then walked to the back. In the ring, Nikki hit the Rack Attack to Charlotte for the win.

Winners: Team Bella.

A trailer for WWE 2K16 was shown.

A video package hyping Brock Lesnar vs. Big Show at this Saturday’s MSG live special is shown.

Kane is shown giving Seth Rollins a gift in the back. Rollins pulled out his statue’s head that was destroyed by Sting a few week’s back. Rollins said that it was too much and walked away.

Tag Team Match: Luke Harper and Braun Strowman vs. Prime Time Players

Luke Harper and Darren Young start things off, Harper with a shoulder block to begin the match. Harper with a big boot then a drop kick. Strowan was tagged in as Young was sent to the floor. Strowan tossed Young around outside then back into the ring. Young ran and tagged in Titus O’Neil. He hit a power slam to Harper then a splash in the corner. Titus was distracted by Strowman and walked into a clothesline. Young broke up the pin attempt. Strowman started choking Young. Harper with a clothesline to Titus then Strowman locked in his neck submission for the win.

Winners: Luke Harper and Braun Strowman

Singles Match: Stardust vs. Neville

They lock up, Neville with a hurricanrana. Neville with a big boot then went for the Red arrow, but King Barrett walked down to the ring. He got into the ring and hit Neville with the Bull Hammer.

Winner by DQ: Neville.

Post-match, Barrett hit Stardust with a Bull Hammer as well. Barrett then grabbed a microphone and said all hail the return of the king. He then left the ring.

Kane and the WWE HR person (Ashley) are in the ring. She is about to read Kane’s report, but Seth Rollins walked out and showed a video package of Kane as the demon. Ashley revealed that Kane is fit to be an authority figure, but Rollins is opposite of that and is unstable. Rollins got into Kane’s face about being out of his mind. He dropped the WWE Title, which then made Kane pick it up. Rollins went for the pedigree and hit it on Kane. Rollins then began to hit Kane with a steel chair. Rollins placed a chair on the leg of Kane then stomped on it.

Kane is stretchered to an ambulance and out of the arena. But the ambulance stopped, the doors opened with smoke coming out, and Demon Kane steps out. He limps from the back and to the ring. Kane attacked Rollins; he hit a big boot to Rollins then a chokeslam. Kane went for the Tombstone, but Rollins managed to escape and walk to the back. Kane stood tall in the ring with the WWE Championship.

Bray Wyatt cuts a backstage promo about how tonight he will end Roman Reigns tonight.

Bo Dallas is in the ring and cuts a promo about how he can help the Buffalo Bills win a Super Bowl. All they have to do is Bolieve.

Singles Match: Randy Orton vs. Bo Dallas.

Orton with a shoulder block then hit a second rope DDT. The fans are really behind Orton, who then hit an RKO to Bo for the win.

Winner: Orton

Non-Title Match: Kevin Owens vs. Rusev with Ryback on commentary.

Before the match can even start, Owens and Rusev attacked Ryback. This led to Dolph Ziggler running down to make the save. Ziggler hit Rusev with a superkick. Owens grabbed his Intercontinental Championship and walked to the back as Ziggler and Ryback stood tall in the ring.

Paul Heyman is standing in the ring and begins to cut a promo. Heyman said that hell is coming to MSG this Saturday when Brock Lesnar takes care of The Big Show. Heyman said that he knows Big Show better than anyone else. Heyman said that Big Show is known to be complacent. He understands that Lesnar can bring the fight to Big Show. He will push The Big Show to be the true giant that he can be. Heyman said he is here tonight to tell the world that live on the WWE Network that his client will take The Big Show to suplex city. This leads to The Big Show walking down to the ring. Big Show mocked Heyman’s promo. Big Show said he is not out here to hurt him, but he is motivated to beat Brock Lesnar. Big Show knows that Lesnar was upset that he had to wrestle him. Big Show promised to beat Lesnar at MSG. This leads to Paul Heyman to walk to the back. Big Show wanted to Heyman to think about a future without Brock Lesnar. big Show stands tall in the ring as the announcers promote the MSG live special.

Main Event: Roman Reigns vs. Bray Wyatt

They lock up, Reigns with a shoulder block then dumped Wyatt to the floor.

We’re back with Wyatt having Reigns in a headlock. Reigns fought out with a back suplex. Wyatt rolled to the apron; Reigns kicked him in the face repeatedly. Reigns the hit a suplex to Wyatt for 2. Wyatt hit a big boot then a running clothesline to the winded Reigns. This led to Reigns reversing a clothesline and knocking Wyatt to the floor. Reigns chased after Wyatt at ringside, but missed an attempted tackle and went diving into the steel steps. Wyatt went to his Reigns with some steel steps, but Reigns moved. Reigns sent Wyatt over the barricade then back into the ring. The two were counted out.

The two brawl into the crowd then Wyatt tackled Reigns through the barricade. Wyatt stood on the announce table, which saw Reigns spear him through it. The show ends with both men laying on top of the remains of the broken table…

* Video: VINCE RUSSO Takes A Really Bad RKO At A UK Live Event