WWE RAW Viewership Sees Huge Increase For Post-TLC Fallout & Vince McMahon’s Return

The Dec. 17th post-TLC edition of WWE RAW drew an estimate of 2,547,000 viewers for the return of Vince McMahon, up a staggering 16.1% from last week’s show, which saw the lowest rating in the history of the show. It was the most watched episode since 10/22.

The first hour of WWE RAW actually kicked off with closer to 2.7 million viewers, which featured Vince McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Shane McMahon and Triple H in a show-opening promo, admitting that they have failed to give the WWE Universe what they want, and promising major changes to the brand and to the roster in the coming weeks.

The second hour dropped to 2.59 million viewers, again the best number since the 10/22 show. The third and final hour, which was almost completely taken up by an 8-woman gauntlet match to crown a #1 contender to the RAW Women’s Championship, dropped again to 2.37 million, which is still higher than the most watched hour from last week’s show.

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