WWE Raw Viewership Up From Last Week

— Viewership for last night’s WWE Raw was up compared to a week ago, with an average of 2.776 million people tuning in. That is, however, down from a year ago when almost 3 million people watched Raw.

— On the night, Raw was 4th on the night on cable, with Monday Night Football leading the way with 9.411 million viewers. Raw was #3, #4, #5 in the 18-49 demographic rating for each of its three hours.

— Hourly figures are below, showing a massive third hour drop:

    * Hour 1 – 3.085 million
    * Hour 2 – 2.803 million
    * Hour 3 – 2.470 million

— Next week’s Raw – on Christmas Day – while traditionally a taped show, will be live. Still, with it falling on a holiday, it will probably be one of the lowest watched shows of the year.