WWE Raw’s New ‘Viking Experience’ Almost Went By Another Ridiculous Name

The most talked-about piece of news coming out of the 2019 Superstar Shake-Up wasn’t Roman Reigns’ shocking move to Smackdown Live, or the call-ups of various NXT and 205 Live names. No, instead the whole wrestling world was buzzing about the arrival of… The Viking Experience.

The artists formerly known as The War Raiders, who competed in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro-Wrestling as War Machine, made the jump to Monday Night Raw this week with brand new names. Hanson and Rowe are no more. Behold, the mighty Viking Experience.

However, according to PWInsider.com, the ridiculous rebranding wasn’t actually the first name WWE came up with for the former (wait…current) NXT Tag Team Champions. The name pitched that they were reportedly going to run with was “The Berserkers”, until someone nixed it and decided on the Viking Experience as the final decision.

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