WWE Reveals New RAW Set: HD Screens, Ramp

WWE.com has posted a picture and video of the new TV set that will be used for RAW, SmackDown and ECW. The new set is much larger than the typical RAW set and is more like WrestleMania sets we’ve seen in the past.

I have also received an eMail from a Rajah.com reader named Joe who works at the Hampton Coliseum, the site of tonight’s RAW. He’s passed on the following details about WWE’s new HD set:

— The set has a large red protruding oval, that is in front of a larger rectangular silver base. There is a large screen that sits above the walk-out area, and two smaller oval screens to the right and left of the ramp. The ramp itself seems unchanged, although it does look “cleaner” than normal.

— They have been testing pyro on and off all day. In addition to the pyro that shoots upward from the set, there seems to be pyro that shoots forward a small distance from the large oval screen. This pyro was tested for both Triple H and Chris Jericho’s entrances. This seems to indicate that Triple H will be receiving pyro. The Triple H pyro was gold and shot in a circular pattern. Y2J had his normal pyro, in addition to a double shooting forward pyro from the oval screen.

CLICK HERE for a PICTURE & VIDEO of the NEW HD SET – Unlike Anything We’ve Ever Seen!!