WWE Rumors: Sasha Banks/Alexa Bliss, Officials Impressed With Joe

Over the past week, Sasha Banks raised some eyebrows when she flat out said that she is not interested in working with Alexa Bliss anymore but was looking forward to wrestling Ronda Rousey. When we asked about the relationship between Bliss and Banks, one source within the company said that he couldn’t say for sure but that the two aren’t exactly best of friends behind the scenes.
WWE Officials are said to be extremely happy with the work that Samoa Joe has been doing on SmackDown lately which actually doesn’t surprise a lot of people. As per a source within the company, Joe was moved to SmackDown specifically so that he could be a focal point on TV as he was getting lost in the shuffle on RAW. Apart from his in-ring wrestling, everyone backstage is raving about Joe’s “tremendous yet underrated” mic skills and promos and he has backers who support putting The WWE Title on him.

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