WWE Smackdown Live Results (6/5) Charlotte vs Lynch, WWE Title Contract Signing, Asuka In Action & More!

WWE Smackdown Results
June 5, 2018
Corpus Christi, Texas
Report by Matthew Wilkinson for ProWrestling.com

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SmackDown Live kicks off with Women’s Champion, Carmella, who tells the Corpus Christi crowd to shower her with the praise she deserves. ‘Mella says tonight is not about her, it’s about Asuka, she thinks everyone deserves to know the truth about her, but first, she shows a highlight package of the Asuka fans have come to know, fear, and respect. Carmella says it’s time to remove the mask and reveal the real Asuka.

She then shows a highlight package from WWE WrestleMania 34 with Asuka tapping out and being defeated for the first time in WWE history against Charlotte Flair as well as her tag team loss on her SmackDown debut and being ambushed by Mandy Rose last week. Carmella claims she hasn’t been the same ever since and that’s why she has no fear for her match, because “Mella is money!” She claims everyone is ready for Asuka, including a fan she said is drooling over how hot she looks in person.

Asuka has heard enough, the number one contender struts down to the ring to meet Carmella. Before Asuka can say anything she is interrupted by Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville with Rose claiming that Asuka is a shadow of her former self and believes she was a second away from beating her and now she knows the truth, she knows she can beat her. Sonya then stops her in her tracks and says this week, it is her turn and Carmella questions which one she should face. The SmackDown GM has heard enough, Paige claims nobody speaks for her as she makes the matches and gives Asuka the choice of who she wants to face. The Empress of Tomorrow picks both of them and Paige makes the handicap match official, next.


Sonya Deville kick starts the match whilst Carmella joins the SmackDown Live commentary team as Asuka sends Deville back into her corner as a quick tag takes place, introducing Rose for the first time. The exact same thing happened to Rose though, allowing Deville to return to action and the former MMA fighter rocks Asuka with a quick shot, but Asuka snaps in a Knee Lock which Sonya escapes via the ropes.

The teamwork of Rose and Deville was on display once again though as Mandy distracted the official, allowing Sonya to take control of the match with some quick shots in the corner. Both women then do a smart job of keeping Asuka isolated in the corner, making quick tags to work down Asuka as Carmella takes cheap shots at Byron Saxton whilst ignoring everything he says.

Asuka finally snaps in the ring and hits several Hip Attacks to Mandy Rose, followed by a huge dropkick from the top rope, but just as Asuka takes control Carmella heads to the ring to brag and distract her, moonwalking on the commentary table, allowing Rose to make the tag to the fresher Deville who hits the number one contender from behind.

Asuka manages to hit a huge kick to take down Rose though which is followed by another Hip Attack to Deville, Rose manages to break the tag to save her teammate and Deville goes for a quick roll up which almost gets the win. Both women get back up and have the same thoughts, rocking each other with kicks to the head, knocking them both down to the ground. Both women just make the 10 count and even though Asuka rocks Deville with another massive kick to the face, Deville responds with a Spear of her own but Asuka kicks out just in time. The Empress Of Tomorrow smartly takes down her opponent though and locks in the Asuka Lock to pick up the victory in the handicap match.

Winner: Asuka

Following the match, Carmella heads to the ring and holds up her title as Rose attempts to attack Asuka from behind. Asuka manages to defend herself only to be hit from behind by Carmella with the title as the champion stands tall with the championship held high above her head.


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The Miz is seen working out and almost takes out ‘Mr. Bootyworth,’ as New Day appear and want to apologize for playing too much with him and say they are taking things seriously. The group say they want Miz to help them reveal who will be competing at Money In The Bank, they have a hat with three names and want Miz to pick it out. He goes to do it but New Day covers his face and switches the hat out for another one full of pancake batter. Miz loses his cool and warns them all they won’t be joking later when he beats them again in six-man tag action as he teams with Rusev and Samoa Joe.

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