WWE SmackDown Results (10/11): The Draft Begins, Seth Rollins vs Roman Reigns, Women’s Title on the Line

October, 11th 2019


The two men share respect early on with a fist bump but instantly get down to action with Roman Reigns showing his strength domination as he takes down the Universal Champion. Seth Rollins attempts to take the pace up a notch but as he goes for a suicide dive he is caught with a forearm by Roman.

As we return from an early commercial it is Seth Rollins in charge of proceedings as he hits a kick to the midsection but a she goes for the Stomp Roman reverses with a roll-up which he turns into a powerbomb, but Seth kicks out.

Reigns goes for a Superman Punch, but Seth reverses and the hits two suicide dives in a row to the Big Dog as he springboards and catches Roman with the knee. Rollins then hits a frog splash but the Big Dog kicks out at two. Rollins once again goes for the Stomp put Reigns hits an uppercut as Rollins responds with a superkick and then a buckle bomb.

However, Roman reverses that with a Superman Punch, but Seth kicks out!  Roman then attempts a Spear but Seth reverses with a modified Pedigree but the Big Dog kicks out! LIGHTS OUT!!

The Fiend is here, through the ring as he puts Rollins in the Mandible Claw and drags Rollins down underneath the ring with him. Seth eventually fights his way out, clutching throat, all the while Wyatt creepily watches from under the ring.


We are then shown the FOX and USA Network ‘war rooms’ as different executives work out who they want to draft. It is announced that Seth Rollins got a DQ win in the opening match and Raw has the first pick in the draft.


Stephanie McMahon appears and she is going to announce the first draft picks.

RAW: Becky Lynch
SmackDown: Roman Reigns
RAW: The O.C (All three men stay together)
SmackDown: Bray Wyatt
RAW: Drew McIntyre

Renee Young and Booker T are shown on a pre-show style panel with Beth Phoenix and Samoa Joe as they discuss the draft picks so far tonight. Joe says that Raw is off to a strong start with Drew McIntyre who he claims is a future World Champion

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