WWE Survivor Series Results – November 24, 2013

Welcome to our live coverage of the 2013 WWE Survivor Series pay-per-view event. Our results coverage will begin with the “Kickoff Show” at 7:30 pm E.T. / 4:30pm P.T. and continue throughout the entire duration of the pay-per-view telecast. Make sure to refresh this page often to view the latest update.

WWE Survivor Series Kickoff Show

We start the kickoff show with a camera shot of us heading throughout the building as Josh Mathews talks about tonight’s show. From there, we shoot to the Survivor Series expert panel, which features WWE Hall Of Famers Mick Foley, Booker T and Bret Hart.

Mathews introduces each guy on the panel and then asks them what they’re looking forward to the most tonight. A loud “Foley, Foley” chant breaks out as Hart talks about his anticipation of the WWE Championship match tonight. Foley says he’s got his eye on the WWE title more, even though he meant the World Heavyweight Title as he is talking about Cena and Del Rio. Booker says he’s looking most forward to the traditional elimination matches on the show tonight.

We preview the Kickoff Match scheduled for tonight between The Miz and Kofi Kingston. We get a brief discussion about the history of their feud, as the expert panelists talk about Miz and Kingston, and Miz’s recent heel turn. Foley refers to Miz as a “magnificent jerk.” Hart agrees. Booker says Miz is doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Josh Mathews introduces us to Renee Young, who is in the social media lounge. She talks about the Twitter and Facebook interaction during tonight’s show. She talks about a dream-team poll. Basically, they’re asking fans to compile a list of five guys who would make the perfect dream team for an elimination match at Survivor Series.

The expert panel breaks down the history of the John Cena and Alberto Del Rio feud. They talk about all of the matches on the card tonight of major note, introducing various video packages in between most of them.

Backstage Segment: The Usos, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio

Backstage we see The Usos talking with Goldust about face paint. Cody Rhodes comes in and says he didn’t get a note about having war paint. Rey Mysterio enters the picture and asks if everybody is ready. Mysterio says the Rhodes brothers father is going to be proud of their performance tonight. Cody says tonight they go in the ring as a team that’s destined to survive. They all shake hands and leave.

Josh Mathews informs us that the traditional elimination match featuring The Usos, Goldust, Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio vs. The Shield and The Real Americans will be the first match on the pay-per-view portion of tonight’s Survivor Series show.

Backstage Segment: CM Punk & Daniel Bryan

Backstage, Renee Young is with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. Punk is wearing a new “Best” t-shirt. The crowd can be heard in the arena chanting “Yes, Yes” as the two do their backstage interview. Bryan talks about being ruthless and violent and says he can be pretty unreasonable. He says Punk and himself both like challenges. Punk is making goofy faces while Bryan talks. Punk gets his turn on the mic. He says Bray Wyatt is a weird cat who has two goons that try to intimdate people. Punk says he and Bryan are not intimidated by people who wear Sheep Masks, etc. Punk says The Wyatt Family is in over their heads because tonight they step into the ring with the GOAT’s — Greatest of all teams. He says “The Best” and “The Beard” are going to get it done tonight.

Josh Mathews introduces tonight’s Survivor Series announce team — Michael Cole, JBL and Jerry Lawler. All three guys spend a few moments previewing some of the matches for tonight. Kofi Kingston’s music hits and now it’s time for our “Survivor Series Kickoff Show Match.”

Kickoff Show Match
– The Miz vs. Kofi Kingston

The bell rings and Miz extends his hand, offering to shake Kofi Kingston’s hand. Kingston thinks about it for a second and eventually does. Miz simply shakes his hand, he doesn’t do anything “heelish” just yet. The two lock up and this match is officially underway. Miz knocks Kingston down early. Miz rolls Kingston up off the ropes early but only gets a count of two. Miz goes for a backbreaker but Kingston spins around Miz’s body and rolls Miz up. Kingston reverses it into a pin of his own. Each guy is rolling around, countering each others pin attempts several times in a row. They literally just attempted about 10-20 pin attempts just now.

When the smoke clears, Miz is grabbing Kingston’s leg and going for the Figure Four Leglock. Kingston escapes, returns to his feet and goes for the Trouble In Paradise kick. Miz avoids it but Kingston ends up sending Miz over the top and onto the floor with a clothesline. Kingston flies through the ropes, crashing onto Miz on the floor. We head to a mid-match commercial.

When we return from commercial, Kingston has Miz in a rear chinlock. The two work back to their feet and Kingston nails Miz with a flying cross-body for another near fall. Miz cuts off Kingston’s momentum with a big kick to the face in the corner. Miz drags a lifeless Kingston into the middle of the ring and attempts to pin him. Kingston manages to kick out at two and a half.

Miz is starting to get frustrated now, and is getting a bit more intense with his offense. Miz locks Kingston into a choke as the crowd stomps their feet and claps their heads, trying to get Kingston back into the match. Kingston reverses a Miz pin attempt into a double jumping foot-stomp on Miz. Both guys are down now as the referee begins his double-count.

Both guys get back to their feet and Miz runs at Kingston. Kingston catches Miz coming in with a double-chop. And another. And another. Kingston calls for the Boom Drop as the crowd goes nuts. He hits it. Kingston is setting up now for the Trouble In Paradise. Miz ducks it but Kingston rolls Miz up. 1-2…Miz kicks out. Miz catches Kingston out of nowhere for the Skull Crushing Finale. Kingston avoids that and reverses it into the S.O.S. He hits it and attempts a pin. Miz still manages to kick out at two. Kingston misses a big move and Miz grabs Kingston’s leg. He goes for the Figure Four again but Kingston reverses that into a pin attempt. Miz kicks out at two.

Kingston goes up to the top and comes flying off, crashing into Miz with a cross-body splash. Kingston tries pinning Miz again but again Miz kicks out at two. Kingston again nails Miz with the Trouble In Paradise. He nails another. Kingston goes for a third but Miz avoids it. He goes for the Skull Crushing Finale but Kingston reverses it into a roll-up pin attempt. Miz reverses that roll-up into a roll-up pin attempt of his own. 1-2-3. Miz wins. Kingston shakes his head but in a way where “yah, you got me.” Miz stops and sees Kingston looking upset. He offers to shake Kingston’s hand again. Instead of shaking Miz’s hand, Kingston bitch-slaps Miz hard. The crowd seemed surprised by that. Did we just get a swerve and a Kingston heel turn? Hmm…

Winner: The Miz

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