WWE Vintage Collection Report (04/10/11)

WWE Vintage Collection Report: April 10th 2011
By Shaun Best-Rajah.com Reporter
Hosted by: Mean Gene Okerlund

Revenge is a dish best served cold. WrestleMania revenge…well that’s another story. This week is the start of a theme featuring matches and feuds that were “too heated to culminate even at WrestleMania.” A prominent banner featuring Hulk Hogan and Mr T hangs over the studio so maybe the ban on all things Hulkamania has been lifted? He has no presence on today’s show which covers the years 1985-89. Let’s begin.

May 13th 1989: Boston Garden
Big John Studd vs Andre The Giant
Studd was the guest referee in Andre’s match against Jake Roberts at WrestleMania V, DQing the Giant after he put his hands on him. Giant uses his hands to throttle Studd, and his head to deliver battering rams and headbutts in the corner. Studd knocks Andre down with a solitary shot, prompting Haku to run down. Andre sends Studd to the floor. Haku gets his licks in until King Duggan chases him off. Duggan hammers Andre with his 2×4 behind the referee’s back, just before Haku wipes Duggan out with a high knee. Andre kicks out of a pin and Haku runs in. Duggan clears the ring with his 2×4 and after much confusion, Studd is announced the winner. An angry Andre threatens to tip over the announce table before leaving. Logic says this should have been ruled a double DQ. Studd would quit within a month and Hilbilly Jim would take his place repeating this match on the House Show circuit. Winner via DQ: BIG JOHN STUDD.

December 28th 1987: Prime Time Wrestling
Intercontinental Title: Honky Tonk Man w/Jimmy Hart vs Jake “The Snake” Roberts
Honky used the ropes to beat Jake at WrestleMania III, then dethroned Ricky Steamboat for the Intercontinental title in June, making this one for all the marbles. This match was taped during the December 9th Wrestling Challenge tapings in Ft Myers. Jake dominates from the start. Honky bails outside to escape a DDT. Jake follows to give Honky and Hart a noggin knocker. Hart tries hooking Jake’s leg, but the Snake is wise to a Honky sneak attack. When in trouble, Jake counters a suplex into a backbodydrop. Honky misses a charge and gets hung up in the corner. Jake delivers a short arm clothesline and the crowd smell a DDT. Jake shoves the referee out of the way, Hart hands Honky his megaphone and Honky jams it into Jake’s midsection for the DQ – a regular occurrence during Honky’s year + title reign. Jake ties Honky in the ropes, lets Damien out of the bag, only to turn him loose on Hart, who tries to sneak up on Jake from behind with the megaphone. Honky gets free and eventually pulls Hart to safety. Winner via DQ: JAKE “THE SNAKE” ROBERTS.

November 25th 1985: Madison Square Garden
Women’s Title: Wendi Richter vs Spider Lady
Richter had defeated Fabulous Moolah’s protégé Leilani Kai at WrestleMania I. The masked Spider is uncooperative from the start, deliberately botching a headscissors and going for pinfalls at every attempt. Spider reluctantly goes down from a clothesline, before hooking a small package. Richter clearly kicks out at one, but the referee counts to three anyway. Richter, unsure of what’s gone down, unmasks the Spider as Moolah and carries on with the match. Richter pins Moolah down and refuses to let her kick out. Finally realising she’s been screwed for real, Richter refuses to let the referee hand over the title. This “original screwjob” was sad to watch. Sources say Richter was swerved out of the title due to a dispute over her contract. It was Richter’s final WWF appearance until last year when she accepted a place in the Hall of Fame. Winner: FABULOUS MOOLAH.

May 21st 1988: Philadelphia Spectrum
Bret “Hitman” Hart vs Bad News Brown
Brown had double crossed Bret at the end of the WrestleMania IV Battle Royal, giving him the Ghetto Blaster kick and snatching the glory after both had agreed to share the win. Bret gained a measure of revenge by smashing up News’s trophy, turning face in the process. News attacks Bret before the bell. Bret immediately turns the tables and News teases walking out. Bret works over News in the corner, sends him over the top rope and News threatens another walkout. Bret elevates News back in from the apron and News begs off.

After a commercial break, Bret misses his (soon to be patented) flying elbow, prompting News to stand over him, talk trash and repeatedly slap the Hitman in the face. News gets a nearfall after nonchalantly placing a boot on Bret’s chest. News chokes Bret in the ropes, misses a fistdrop and Bret goes on the offensive, picking up a slew of nearfalls. Bret tosses News to the floor so he can slam him onto the concrete. Back inside, News continues to frustrate Bret by kicking out of a backbreaker, cross body, suplex and rollup. News escapes a sleeper by immediately backing Bret into the corner. Bret slips behind News to counter a slam then quickly blasts him with a Hart attack clothesline. However, before Bret can cover, the bell rings to signify time has run out. A frustrated Bret gives News a post match slapping. Winner: DRAW.

May 19th 1986: Madison Square Garden
WWF Tag Team Titles: The British Bulldogs w/Captain Lou Albano vs The Dream Team w/Luscious Johnny V
The Bulldogs won the titles at WrestleMania II after Davey Boy Smith ran Greg Valentine into Dynamite Kid’s granite like head for the pin. The Bulldogs have the early advantage over Brutus Beefcake, with Johnny V getting upset when his call for a timeout is declined. Valentine recovers to give Davey a shoulderbreaker, but fails to pin his shoulders to the mat. Valentine prevents a Dynamite snap suplex with a shot to the gut. The Dream Team utilise fast tags to isolate Dynamite and repeatedly throw him into their corner.

Beefcake manages to hurt himself giving Dynamite a delayed suplex, enabling a Bulldogs tag. Valentine saves Beefcake after he’s taken Davey’s running powerslam and gets trapped in a rollup. Valentine goes to give Davey a suplex, but carelessly drops him in mid-air. Dynamite re-enters with uppercuts, a falling headbutt and clothesline. Valentine sends Dynamite into Beefcake’s feet and applies the figure four. Davey makes the save. Valentine slams and drops an elbow. The referee catches Johnny V holding Dynamite’s leg down as he counts the 1-2-3 and voids it. While Beefcake jumps up and down celebrating, Dynamite quickly rolls Valentine up for the actual pin. The Bulldogs retain their titles despite a heated protest by the Dream Team. Winners: THE BRITISH BULLDOGS.

More WrestleMania revenge next week, I presume from 1990 onwards.

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