Zephyr Teachout Emerges To Challenge NY Gov. Cuomo from the Left

With launch of a new website and a short statement that she is running for governor because “New Yorkers need an economy and democracy that works for everyone, not just the wealthy and well-connected,” law school professor and progressive activist Zephyr Teachout has emerged from the Left to challenge the re-election campaign of Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the state’s current Democratic governor.

The news comes a day before the state’s Working Families Party holds its annual convention and though it remains unclear if Teachout is the independent progressive party’s official nominee, her new website carries a clever hybrid tagline: “Zephyr Teachout: Working Party Democrat for Governor.”

Speculation has been active for weeks about whether or not the WFP would endorse Cuomo or run a challenger against him. As the New York Times reports on Friday:

According to The Nation‘s John Nichols:

For those not familiar with Teachout’s work, Nick Powell, writing for the New York-focused City & State, put together this helpful primer on the candidate, including six key things to know about the new candidate.  Powell writes:

Writing for Vox.com, Andrew Prokop adds:

With little official word from either Teachout herself or the Working Families Party, individuals were taking to Twitter to respond to her candidancy:

Tweets about “zephyrteachout “

Final note: For an interesting and in-depth look at the Working Families Party in New York, read this recent piece by Ted Fertik at Jacobin.


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